Sweet Alice

I get a lot of emails addressed to Alice. My name is actually Erica - surprise! Lol.

Animals have long been a love of mine - especially sweet kittens. I just adore them. I think they are the cutest, dearest, most adorable things. I love puppies too, but kitties hold a special place in my heart. Whenever I see kittens, I feel like my eyes turn into huge hearts - just like the emoji. All I want is cats and cats and cats. And I know that makes me sound just a little crazy. 

When I first started this business, I named it Erica Scott McGrath Photography - my maiden name. Also, a mouthful. After moving to New York, I knew my name would change, and spent a good amount of time thinking about whether or not I would change the name of my business. I loved, loved, loved my maiden name, but was also unsure as to whether or not I wanted to keep this name as a part of the business. 

A year after graduating college I had adopted the most adorable baby kitten, and named her Alice. She was the cutest and sweetest kitty - all she wanted was to snuggle and spend time with me. She was very friendly, purred easily, and rarely scratched. She had a great personality; I loved having her as my roommate. It was obviously a natural progression to name my business after her.

When I registered my business in New York, the clerk asked me how I named my business. I told him the story above. And he said to me, "Must be some cat!" Haha, he was right.

Sweet Alice of Sweet Alice Photography