And the 2017 word for the year is...

I spent the beginning of my 2016 in a haze. It was a rough start. I had a few things whirling around in my life that weren't the best, and I lived in fear of the notifications on my phone. Pretty pathetic, huh?

At the time, I had seen individuals posting on social media about the words they wanted to live by for the upcoming new year. Beautiful words. Words that made my heart stir. But I didn't see any point in that for me, especially when I was in that not-so-great period. Eventually, I moved out of it, and moved forward, and I saw a theme for 2016 gradually fall into place:


I saw this in every aspect of my life. I saw it in every opportunity to say yes. I saw it, also, in every opportunity to say no. I saw it as I invested money that I was terrified to invest. I saw it in every heart-opening and soul searching conversation I had with clients, friends, loved ones. I saw it every time I packed my camera bag for another wedding. Bravery and entrepreneurship are basically married, and in 2016 I realized that I needed to get on board, or just get off the boat. I'm glad I saw this. I'm glad I stayed.

I didn't mean to have a word for 2017. While I loved the idea of having one, I just didn't have the time to really ponder on what I wanted to focus on. But that's ok. God saw it. And He handed me a word that stirs my soul every time I hear it.


I was hearing this word everywhere. I was seeing it in tv shows and on social media posts. I was dreaming about traveling, and reading it as I researched. I love the thrill of it. I love how it rolls off of your tongue. If I wasn't a photographer, I would want to be a writer for all of the beautiful words out there. 


So, this year, this beautiful brand new, squeaky clean and shiny 2017, will be my year of adventure. I already have some tangible things planned. A trip to Hawaii. An elopement in Vermont. A dream of a trip out west. Turning 30. 

But I also promise to look at things through an adventure-seeking heart and with adventure-filled eyes. Within and outside of my business. I think everything can be an adventure if you just look at it that way. 

2017 will be my year of this. My year of exploration. My year of Adventure.