Album Magic

I recently began offering albums as an add-on option for my sweet wedding clientfriends, and received my first sample album in the mail this past week. It was like I was opening up my OWN wedding album when I took it out of the wrapping - I was THAT excited. You better believe I'll be carrying this to every meeting and consultation I ever do from here on out. 

Gorgeous linen cover: ✓

Adorable framed cover image: ✓

Thick, durable, lay-flat pages: ✓

Incredible vibrant color on every page: ✓

And...there's just something about holding images in your hands as opposed to scrolling through them on a screen. It's almost magical.

Still not sure if you want an album? Maybe these photos can convince you otherwise. ;) 

Want to read more about adding an album to your wedding package? Take a peek here.

* Album size pictured here is 10x10 with 30 pages (up to 60 images).