Need Ideas For How To Ask Your Friends To Be In Your Wedding? Look No Further!

As a wedding photographer, I’m always keeping my eyes peeled for resources for my clientfriends - whether they’re timeline hacks, vendor recommendations, or ideas for asking friends to be a part of a wedding party (like the gift box featured in this post!), I’m all over it.

Coming across these customizable gift boxes to ask your people to be a part of your big day was so wonderful. And, I have to say, I am super happy and excited to review this for you.

While I didn’t take a picture of this, the box came packaged in a bright pink mailing envelope, which is totally my jam. Give me alllll the color. And, as soon as I opened the box, I was just as obsessed with the products inside. Here’s what I unwrapped:

  • Customized soy candle in the most delicious scent (cucumber melon brings me right back to 1997, and I love it)

  • Pear bath bomb (which I am saving to use in my new house, but the smell coming through the plastic wrap was heavenly!)

  • Asian tea blossom body butter (honestly, some of the best body lotion I’ve ever used; I plan on ordering this in a larger size when I run out of my little tin)

  • Peppermint chapstick (gimme dat)

  • Midnight body mist (anything labeled with a “midnight” scent is generally not my favorite, but I have to tell you - the staying power of this mist is incredible. I sprayed one little spritz of it in my office, and the smell lingered for two days - TWO WHOLE DAYS)

  • Leaf soap (I’ve come across this soap before, and think it’s so cute)

  • Pretty matches (flowers forever)

And the best thing about all of the this stuff? It’s almost all ORGANIC! If there had been something available like this when I got married six years ago, this is EXACTLY how I would have asked my bridesmaids to be in my wedding.

As an added bonus, the customer service I’ve received when asking general questions about the products in the box has been unparalleled - timely and kind.

Want to order? Click HERE for the box, and click HERE for the website (they have plenty of other gifts to peruse, as well!).

Enjoy, lovebugs!

This blog post was sponsored by Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique.