Feel the Fear

My styled shoot was born out of boredom - literally. I was sitting in a meeting, daydreaming about the upcoming wedding season on a cold January day. My heart and hands were tingling to be behind my camera again - and not to photograph iced-over berries and snowflakes (winter is not my favorite). I wanted romance and beauty and green things. So, I made a list. I wrote styled shoot across the top of the page, and made categories within the list that I knew I could populate - hair, makeup, cake, invitation design, accessories. Within this list, I also had a few categories that I knew I needed to find - venue (v important), gowns, florals. My heart literally started beating hard and fast when I finished my list, I was that excited. But I was also nervous - what if I got my people on board, and couldn't pull together the rest?

What did I do next? I asked. I sent emails to places and vendors I was interested in working with. Everything fell into place. The venue was on board as soon as I emailed them. And they knew a florist, and a boutique furniture rental company. I asked some friends of mine to model, and they were so pumped. I asked a nearby bridal boutique, who were over the moon when I contacted them. And they knew a local jeweler. What started out as something that I only hoped would come to fruition quickly became a thing. This was a big deal. I was excited. And nervous.

And excited.

And nervous. 

The day before this shoot, I had the scary tummy feelings. The little sick butterflies that appear both before you have to give a presentation before a big crowd, and before you walk down the aisle. You know, the excited butterflies can sometimes be the ones that make you want to puke. As aforementioned, this was a big deal. I was scared I would screw it up, but beyond thrilled that it had come to this point.

And guess what?

I didn't screw it up.

I had a good chat the week before the shoot with my business coach (shout out to Kate Crocco - woot woot), and told her how I was both excited, and afraid out of my mind. And, she looked at me and asked, "WHY?" She told me this was second nature to me. She told me I was talented, and that I had no reason to feel this way. She told me that I knew how to work with people, and that I was going to do awesome things. Deep down inside, did I know this? Yes. I just needed it put into the atmosphere by someone other than myself; funny how that type of affirmation sticks deep down in your soul, and hangs out there as a little beacon of encouragement. Initially, I was afraid - and then I did it anyway. It seems cliche, but it's a real thing. Overcoming your hangups is a big deal. This shoot was a breakthrough for me, not only artistically and networkily (? haha), but also in my heart of hearts. This shoot showed me that I can do this.

The shoot went fabulously. It was honestly a dream. From the moment that I stepped into the fabulous Basilica Hudson at 11 AM to the moment that I wrapped up my camera and hopped into my car at 4:30 PM, I felt enveloped by the good vibes around me. Everyone was excited that day. Everyone had put 110% into this shoot, and everyone knew amazing things would come from it. The women that were a part of this day were beyond fantastic. I wanted to scoop them all up, and bring them home with me as permanent friends.

That night, I laid in bed - sore legs from being on my feet for five straight hours (in heeled booties, don't judge), tangled hair, cheeks red from the cold, probably a little sweaty. I turned to my husband and said, "Today went so well."

And the next morning I woke up, feeling like the lovesick heart-eyed emoji, and said to myself, "Yesterday was such a good day."

Friends, feel the fear and do it anyway.

It's so worth it.


Inspired, and want to take the next step in planning your own styled shoot? Read on!


Curious about the fab-o women I've bragged on above? All of the amazing vendors who were a part of this day are listed below. You can also find most of them on my Friendors page.

Venue: Basilica Hudson

Hair: Divine Appointment Salon

Makeup: Annaliese & Co

Gowns: Chamonix Bride, featuring Alvina Valenta + Watters

Models: Katie Parent + Emma Woliver

Rings: Zimmer Brothers

Accessories: Chloe + Isabel

Florals: Trapped in the Attic

Rentals: Rustic Robin Boutique Rental and Design + Hudson Valley Ceremonies

Cake: Flour Love

Invitation Design: Down to the Bay Designs