Jaime // A Lifegiving Session at Stonykill Farm in Beacon, NY

I seem to be surrounded by pregnant mamas lately. I won't lie - I'm not mad about it. :) I think pregnancy is one of the most beautiful, remarkable, and miraculous things that a woman can go through. Jaime's pregnancy is even more special because she's my sister-in-love, so her cute little belly is holding my new nephew. T minus 2 weeks, y'all.

I'm not sure I can adequately put Jai and I's relationship into words. She is equal parts my giggle partner, secret keeper, confidence booster, BFF, hair dresser, and athletic trainer. She has taught me almost all I know about organic food items. She has also taught me what true hospitality looks like. I try to emulate her best qualities on the daily.

Jaime, you are such a gift to me. Can't wait to squeeze you, Sam, and the newest nugget in a hospital room in a few weeks. It's finally, finally here. <3