Julia + Bart // A University Engagement Session in Lowell, MA

There's a little piece of me that can never fully leave Massachusetts. I was born there, raised there, educated there. There's something about a bustling adorable state on the edge of the water that calls to me - especially in the fall, when the leaves have turned and the people begin to bundle. 

Luckily, I have some pretty awesome clientfriends that always give me the perfect excuse to visit. I will take that 3.5 hour drive any day if it means I am able to adventure there again, and have the pleasure of smelling some perfect salt air. That is probably one of the only things I truly miss about living in the Northeast - the proximity to the water. I'm not the best swimmer, but let me watch the waves for hours... I could be enthralled by them all day.

I am lucky to work with darling people like Julia and Bart. These lovebirds met in Barcelona (hello, yes, I am also jealous), and have an adorable little dog named Barca (after the precious place where they met). Our afternoon together was a little chilly, a little windy, a little drizzly - but the rain stopped for one solid hour where we were able to race around Lowell like mad, capture the foliage, and, of course, the precious love they share.

I've never seen a blanket scarf look so good. <3