Mr + Mrs Cummings // A Warm Winery Wedding at Magnanini Winery's Two Hearts Vineyard in Wallkill, NY

I sing Abbi's praises everywhere I go - really, I do. I can't help it. Abbi is one of the kindest, dearest, sweetest, most genuine, gorgeous-inside-and-out people I know. When my business was first expanding, she acted as my assistant on wedding days (she was my hot day commiserator, long car ride company, and second pair of eyes to make sure everyone was looking at me during group shots). It's so funny how things come full circle. What started off as a friendship based on weddings came all the way around to me photographing her wedding out of sheer friendship. 

Abbi + Ray got married on a warm October day surrounded by 400 (400!) family and friends who wanted nothing more than to wish them well. It encompassed so much in its 8 hours - forest adventures, gorgeous florals, songs instead of dances, big smiles, big tears. 

I think about it often. <3 

(PS - Abbi and I share a nephew; my little Caleb. He's the sweet baby you see in the gallery below!)

Wedding Date: October 22, 2017

Venue: Two Hearts Vineyard at Magnanini Winery - Wallkill, NY // Gown: David Tutera // Bridal Boutique: The Crystal Boutique // Hair: Divine Appointment Salon // Florals + Styling: Teaberry Trails

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