March 2017: Green Emojis, LLCs, and Library Cards

Oh, March. It seems to always be the month that ushers in Spring while still remaining cold and wet. March 2017 was no different. We started the month with gorgeous, warm weather and ended with a blizzard. Whyyyyyy.

Nevertheless, March was a fab month this year (although, side note: I do think this is a choice; even when days/months/years are yucky, you can still choose to be happy and call the wonderful things in your life what they are - wonderful).

March brought with it...


  • The aforementioned blizzard. 2 ft + in my little corner of the world. Spent 3 hours in one day alone just trying to dig the cars out of our driveway. However frustrating this was, it was still a great arm workout. Maybe I'll start to grow muscles now. 


  • Using Google Keep like it's my job. It's like the Notes app on your phone - but better.


  • My very first sample album (because I'm offering albums now). It was everything I dreamed of and more. More on this another day. ;)


  • Several publications of beautiful people in my life:

             - Cutie pregnant Emily in the Babetown Collective

             - Gorgeous Cindy + Nick in Boho Weddings

             -   Dan + Nora in a 3-part series about how flipping awesome engagement sessions are in    Wedding Connections of the Hudson   Valley

             - Emelyne on The Rising Tide Society's Instagram account


  • Getting a library card. Welcome back to 1999, me.


  • Spending a week in beds not my own, but just as comfy. If you have a chance to visit The Essex in Essex, VT and the Bluestone Bed & Basecamp in Saugerties, NY, do it. The latter made me want to paint my entire house dark blue with sparkle walls. You'll understand once you visit.


  • Booking my 20th wedding for 2017! ::throws confetti:: This was one of my biggest goals for the year, and I made it (and I'm getting close to hopefully surpassing it soon)!



  • Filing this little business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) rather than a Sole Proprietorship. Your eyes are glazed over, I know. But I feel like like I'm playing in the big leagues now. :)



And, of course, eating too much chocolate and ice cream, drinking too much coffee, and cuddling with my cute pets. March is for the last of our hibernation tendencies, naturally.