Mr + Mrs Wurman // An Elegant Backyard Wedding in Mount Kisco, NY

How to adequately write about Katie + Eytan's gorgeous backyard wedding? I have no good words to describe the colorful hydrangeas, the precious sunshine mixed with rain, the whimsical gown, the elegant guests, the incredible band. I have no words to explain Eytan's bow when he saw Katie walk down the aisle, no words to express Katie's dad's sweet expressions, no words to capture Katie's calm and sweet and dear demeanor, no words to hold on to the heart flutters of everyone who was captivated by Katie + Eytan's duet at the end of their reception.

The backyard that held this wedding was absolutely beautiful, but I think it will never hold anything as exquisite as this July celebration.

Katie + Eytan, could you please sing love songs for us every day? I would gladly pay handsomely for a front row seat every time. <3

Venue: Private Residence - Mount Kisco, NY // Gown: Vera Wang // Suit: Vera Wang // Hair + Makeup: Rica Mendes // Catering: My Savory Gourmet // Cake: L'Anjou Patisserie Francaise // Musicians: The Kazz Music Orchestra  // Second Shooter: Maria Alba

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