Mr + Mrs Karnow // A Homestyle Anniversary Celebration

I firmly believe that people drop into your life for beautiful reasons. I feel this for Diana. I met her at Dana + Tyler's wedding in May, and had the joy of seeing her again in Jamie + Nick's wedding in September, and, I don't know, I think this locked in our friendship.

Diana is the sweetest of the sweet. And, boy, is she talented. She is an incredible artist with a heart of gold, and her darling husband Greg is the perfect match for her. These two lovebirds got married last year in a courthouse ceremony, and have no regrets (I love that), and all they kept gushing about was how wonderful their celebration was for THEM (friends, listen to their oohs and aahs, and take them to heart - you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT for your wedding day! For real! You can!). They talked about how the atmosphere at the courthouse was just pure joy. They talked about the dancing at their little restaurant reception. They shared with me their cute high school and long distance relationship. They reminisced over their Instax photographs, and read aloud some of the letters they used to send to each other. They shared their prom picture with me (I know - so freaking cute).

These pictures tell sweet stories. Journey on. <3