Mr + Mrs Grant // An Overcast September Wedding at the Links at Union Vale in LaGrangeville, NY

If there is anything I absolutely adore about a wedding (besides, you know, the obvious), it is getting to interact with and become an honorary family member on these beautiful days. I love to watch how excited the parents are, and see how they caress their child’s face right before they walk down the aisle. I love to watch the grandparents, and see how they fret over straightening the groom’s tie or tucking one hardly-seen hair behind the bride’s ear. I love to watch the sisters help the bride into her gown. I love to watch the brothers get slightly inebriated, and toast to the groom in their hotel room suite.

Weddings are about so much. A lot of this “so much” is family.

I photographed Jeannine + Derek’s wedding on my own 5-year wedding anniversary. While this is not something I would usually do (work/life balance, and all that), it was so, so, so important to me to capture this day. You see, I had photographed Jeannine’s sisters’ weddings only a few years prior. How could I say no to her gorgeous, sweet face when asking if I would also photograph her own big day?

Jeannine + Derek were married in September on an unusually cold fall day. But you want to know what wasn’t cold? Her cute nervousness before putting on her gown. His sweet photos with their blind pup. Both (BOTH!) of their tears as she walked down the aisle. The group hug I got from all three of my brides that day. How triumphant Jeannine + Derek felt when they entered their reception. The comfort they exuded during their first dance.

Jeannine + Derek, you are precious souls. I wouldn’t want to share an anniversary date with anyone else. <3

Wedding Date: September 8, 2018

Venue: The Links at Union Vale - Lagrangeville, NY // Gown: David’s Bridal // Hair: Dutchess County Hair Stylists // Makeup: Simply Elegant Beauty // Florals: Peony Design Studio // Invitations: Shutterfly // Cake: Pastry Garden // DJ: HVE Associates // Second Photographer: Megan Van Aken