Emelyne // A Sweet Fempreneur Session

I think Fempreneur sessions are hard to put into words. Technically, it's a little bit of portrait work, a little bit of detail work, a little bit of staging... Personally, it's a lot of opening up, it's a lot of sharing, it's a lot of connecting. 

I'm not going to lie, it can be scary. Connection is scary. Emotion is scary. Opening your world up to THE world is scary, but I have to tell you...

You have come this far, and the worst you could do is deny yourself all of the opportunities that this type of session could open for you. You're a girlboss, and you're awesome. It's time to own that, be proud of that, and showcase that.

Fempreneur sessions are hard to put into words, right? So let's put one into images. ;) Take a peek at this darling session I did with Emelyne of Sweet Emelyne's last Spring. We spent several hours together, tore apart her adorable house, ransacked her closet, and came out with this - one of my very favorite sessions ever.

Emelyne, you deserve all of the heart eyes, and more. :) 

And, little miss Fempreneur reading this blog...

You deserve every good thing coming to you. And you deserve a session like this. ;)