Tesha // A Floral Fempreneur in Red Hook, NY

The first thing I ever noticed about Tesha was her smile. It is warm, inviting, friendly, sweet, kind - her smile is the type of smile that makes you feel safe and welcomed. 

Tesha is a dear, sweet soul who creates the most beautiful floral creations. She likes to tell me she is not a hippie (been there, done that), and that she loves whimsy and structure in her art. She loves friendship and wine and adventures (honestly, she has the most amazing adventures!), and has truly embraced everything that has been sent her way. 

Tesha's fempreneur session occurred after an hour of stories and two glasses of chilled wine - I could get used to that. ;)

Fempreneur: Tesha Zaloga // Location: Hardeman Orchards - Red Hook, NY