My Top 12 Tips for a Wedding Day

After photographing nearly 100 weddings, I feel like I can finally get all up in this space, and share my top twelve tips to remember when planning (and during!) your wedding day.

(I am sure there are so, so many more, but for the sake of short attention spans, these ones are my fave.)

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12. If you are not doing a first look, try your best to schedule your ceremony at least 3 hours before sunset (and remember that sunset is earlier and earlier, the later in the year your wedding is).

This will ensure that you will have enough daylight for your ceremony and following formal family, wedding party, and couple portraits. It will also leave a buffer for a potential receiving line, as well as travel between the ceremony site and the reception venue (if applicable).

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11. If it rains, you will not melt.

Keep an eye on the weather during the week before your wedding day. If the forecast calls for rain, invest in some cute clear umbrellas, and get them shipped to you via 2-day Amazon Prime.

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10. Keep all of your accessories in one place on the morning of the wedding.

Things like your vows, jewelry, invitations, cufflinks, etc are important things to document on a wedding day. Having them all together in one place will alleviate you having to dig through boxes and bags to find them. Also, purchase a pretty hanger to hang your dress on. The $25 you spend on Etsy will be worth it.

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9. For men, shave with a sharp blade on the morning of the wedding.

This will help avoid razor burn, which does have the tendency to show in photographs.

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8. Wear matte lipstick.

Smudges are no fun. Neither are stains on your wedding gown. Matte is much less likely to create problems than traditional lipsticks or colored glosses.

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7. Tell your wedding party and family members to be ready half an hour earlier than they are actually needed.

Building in a buffer like this helps alleviate any stress that unforeseen circumstances may create. Inevitably, someone will get caught in traffic, someone’s kid will throw a tantrum right as they’re about to walk out the door, or grandma will get stuck in the bathroom… Grandma always gets stuck in the bathroom.

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6. Pick one place to store wedding party luggage.

If you are all getting ready in the same bridal suite or hotel room, ask your wedding party members to place all of their bags in one spot in the room. This will help with keeping track of items, and will also keep your space open and clean for your photos.

Preston Barn Old Drovers Inn Wedding Dover Plains Sweet Alice Photography.jpg

5. Let it roll.

In true human fashion, people can be just as annoying on a wedding day as they can any other day of the week. Don’t let it get to you. Take Aunt Susan’s “advice” with a grain of salt, acknowledge it, and walk away.

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4. Be intentional with your wedding gown choice.

When purchasing your gown, take a peek at it from all angles, and make sure it doesn’t accentuate areas of your body that make you feel less than confident. If you love it, but have a few areas you’re not 100% happy with, ask if your gown boutique could add or take away certain things that would help you to feel your best. Confidence shows. :)

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3. Share your photography timeline with all of your vendors.

This helps us all to stay on the same page!

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2. Eat and drink well.

Water and veggies are your best friend on a wedding day.

West Hills Country Club Wedding Middletown Sweet Alice Photography.jpg

1. Remember - you’re getting MARRIED.

And that is the only thing that REALLY matters on your wedding day.

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