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"Ah! Where to start - based on photo composition alone, Erica's work truly stands out with bright, clean photography and an amazing eye for detail, which is what drew me to ask her if she was free for our wedding in the first place. Matt and I got SO, so many amazing compliments on what we had to share from both the engagement shoot and wedding day. She knows how to make you/your spouse/your wedding party feel comfortable in front of the camera (especially with a partner who doesn't like having his photo taken all that much)! Also, digital photo turnaround time is super, super quick which was helpful (and exciting) for all of our eager family members looking for pictures from the big day! Erica was truly a blessing during our whole planning process, not just for the pictures, either. No one in either of our families had much experience with recent weddings, so Erica ended up helping me find a hairstylist, planned our whole wedding day itinerary basically, and also found time to clean my rings for me while I was getting into my dress! I truly cannot thank her enough for all of her help to make our day the best it could have been. The passion she has for weddings & photography is evident, and was very much appreciated - we'll be cherishing these photos and memories for years to come. Thank you, from the bottom to the top of our hearts!" - Nicole + Matt // June 2017 


"Where do I even begin?! I feel so lucky to have met Erica, and even more lucky that she was there to capture one of the best days of our lives. She is such a genuine, kind and thoughtful person, and this shines through in every single one of her photographs. I believe she is so good at capturing precious moments because she sees the world from such a positive, loving and open point of view -- she takes other people's precious moments and holds them like they are her own. From the first time we met her, to the coffee dates and sweet little cards she mailed us in the months leading up to our wedding day, I felt a complete sense of ease with Erica. The wedding day itself was pure magic. She made us feel comfortable and was one of our biggest cheerleaders. I even had family and friends from the wedding singing her praises! Her photos are absolutely stunning and working with her was such a joy. I truly consider her a friend and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer. Trust me. You will be so happy you did!" - Nora + Daniel // September 2017 <3 <3 <3


"My friends and family cannot stop raving over the wedding photos we received from Erica. Now to the things you might not think about. You can obviously tell from her photos that her work is amazing. What you can’t tell from the pictures is that her professionalism is remarkable. I had multiple guests come up to me and comment on how Erica wasn’t up in everyone’s business, but was constantly taking pictures. She captured everything. She worked so well with all of my other vendors to make my wedding day perfect. Another thing you can’t tell from the pictures is Erica’s extremely comforting presence. Taking wedding photos, to me, is a very intimate and personal thing. Erica’s kind spirit and friendly smile helped melt away some of the stress that a wedding day can bring. OH! One last thing, the packaging that my photos came in was ADORABLE, just like Erica, FREAKING ADORABLE." - Mary + Matt // February 2018