Photo courtesy of the ever-amazing  Maria Alba Photography .

Photo courtesy of the ever-amazing Maria Alba Photography.

Hey, I'm Erica!

When I’m not photographing freaking awesome people, you can find me sitting on the couch in my husband's pajama pants, drinking coffee, snuggling my kittens (Isaac + Pippin), and editing. Coffee and snuggles are my two primary love languages - just thought you should know.

I am known for my colorful, vibrant, playful, happy, and romantic images. If you’re laid back, full of joy, and more excited about your marriage than your wedding gown, we will probably be fast friends (although, I’m not gonna lie, wedding gowns are pretty rad).

Weddings are my happy place, even when it’s rainy as heck or hot as a firecracker. There is just something about two souls being tied together that gets me all sorts of twitterpated. Basically, weddings are my jammmmmm (you’ll hear me say this a lot - the jammmmmm phrase, I mean). 

My favorite Netflix binges are The Office, Shameless, and Friday Night Lights. Clear eyes, full heart.

Speed date: I’m obsessed with Vermont, avocados, dark chocolate, and cats. Pinterest is only my friend for recipes. I’ll never get over the fact that I wasn’t born with red, curly hair (why can’t I just be Merida?). My favorite fair food is fried dough but I’m allergic to it - what kind of cruel joke is that? I didn’t study photography in college (gasp), but I did study music, and that kind of relates...right?

Oh, and I named this business after my first kitten, Alice, naturally.

“I just want to be friends. Plus a little extra. Also, I love you.” - Dwight Shrute