We all have the tendency to think that we are late to the party, don’t we? We see all of the people around us that we know, we look up to, we follow their success...and we feel engulfed in their shadow.

Are they awesome? Absolutely. Are you awesome? Absolutely. There really is no comparing the two.

But I get it.

You feel lost in the social media chaos, the overwhelm of overinformation, the feeling of being inadequate just because you haven’t been in the photography realm for years.

I’ll let you in on a little secret:

We all feel that way (shhhhh).

Don’t we all feel better when we bring a friend with us to our parties? A wingwoman, a bestie, a confidante - someone that may know the lay of the land better than we do right now, so we feel like we have someone to stand next to and join in conversations with?

Oh, girlfriend, I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a photographer who has been in business for 7 years with a heart to help others, and an MBA to boot. I have built my business from the ground up, had tons of mistakes and mishaps, and have realized...everything always comes back to how you handle the gifts you are given and the hearts that have been opened to you. I work 1:1 with new ladyboss photographers to lay the groundwork for a successful and sustainable business - everything from where to buy business cards to how to manage your time to the best client management apps. I like to think my brain is a wealth of knowledge, and you are more than welcome to tap into that. I consider myself a resource I wish I had back in 2010! If you're feeling inspired but totally lost, ready to jump in but afraid of the waters, and just totally overwhelmed by everything that the Internet and Dr. Google offers, you are in the right place. 

You aren’t late to the party, you’re just NEW. And NEW isn’t bad. New is actually very, very good.

New is a great look for you. And you can join my party anytime. ;)

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I can't wait to see you shine! :)